ToleroMune® cat allergy therapy showed great results in phase II trial

February 25, 2013 | By Márcio Barra

Good news for people, like me, who are or might be allergic to cats’ fur. Today, Circassia Ltd, an allergy focused biotech, announced the results of a phase II study for their new ToleroMune® cat allergy therapy, a vacine comprised of seven peptides derived from  Fel d 1, that quiets the T-cells reaction. And the results are promising for anyone who suffers allergic reactions to cats.

The phase II, parallel study conducted in 202 patients initially measured improvements in nasal and ocular allergy symptoms after treatment with ToleroMune® therapy or placebo. Then, two years after, and having received no further ToleroMune® treatment, 50 patients were called to be reevaluated after 4 days of exporsure to cat allergens. The results showed a 50.0% improvement on the Total Rhinoconjunctivitis Sympton Score (TRSS) vs 14.9% on placebo after exposure to the cat allergens, and a 38.3% TRSS improvement vs 13.4% on placebo during the four day cat allergen challenge. Overall symptoms were also reduced during the two years of no therapy.

ToleroMune® is currently being tested in phase III trials.

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  1. Deborah Hawksley said:

    Do you happen to know when Circassia’s Toleromune Cat will be available to the general public in the UK? My mother has a severe reaction to cats’ dander which means visiting me is a nightmare as I have a cat. It would be a dream come true if she could be desensitised.

  2. Hello Deborah! Thank you for stopping by!
    Toleromune entered phase III testing back in October 2012 (the CATalyst study, or CAT-PD in the US), and no further news have been released to the public yet. Once phase III testing is done, and if the results end up positive (which is likely, considering that phase II clinical trials had great results), the company will send the data to the European Medicines Agency, and the medicine will be approved. On the website, it says that the estimated completion time of this trial is April 2015, so it is still a ways off. I was going to suggest your mother to enroll in the clinical trial (, but the trial is unfortunately not being conducted in the UK.

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