Bial Spain planning to invest 30 million Euros in new vaccines for allergies

March 20, 2013 | By Márcio Barra

Bial Spain is planning to invest 30 million Euros in R&D until 2019, focusing on the development of new allergies vaccines, said Iñigo Pagoaga, general director of Bial Spain, in declarations to O Jornal Económico (OJE)   These vacines are developed in Bial’s Integrated Unit of Production and Research (Unidade Integrada de Produção e Investigação), in Bilbao, Spain.

Bial’s unit in Bilbao, in the Science and Technology Park of Biscay

Bial hopes to sell their new vaccines worldwise, starting in 2014 when their pollen vaccine, in development since 2008, is expected to reach the market. More vaccines are expected to hit the market until 2018, two of them biotechnological vaccines against food allergies, under the FAST (Food Allergy Specific ImmunoTherapy) European Project. Bial’s Bilbao unit was inaugurated back in June last year, and represented an investment of 12 million Euros in an effort from Bial to internationalize and gain a better foothold of the European Markets.

Bial’s long term approach stems from the fact that Bial is an R&D centric company, and 40% of Bial’s funds are invested in R&D activities to create new drugs, stated Iñigo Pagoaga.



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