Physicians and pharmaceuticals now only have to declare items above 25 euros to Infarmed

March 20, 2013 | By Márcio Barra

Last week, Infarmed  stated that in light of the revised legislation (the Estatuto do Medicamento, or Decree-law nº 176/2006 – underwent its seventh revision back in February), everything that a physician, pharmaceutical or patient association received from the pharmaceutical industry had to be declared. Everything, meaning even simple pens, pencils and notebooks had to be declared to Infarmed. This generated a bit of controversy, was no one saw really the importance of declaring such small items.

Now, in an order published today in the Diário da República (the Portuguese official state gazette), the Secretary of State for Health toned down a bit the “everything that a physician, pharmaceutical or patient association receives from the pharmaceutical industry has to be declared to Infarmed” requirement. Now it’s only items or any other support that goes 25 euros. It goes into force tomorrow.

The order of physicians stated, however, that they will jeopardize this legislation on the basis of it being unconstitutional, believing that it harms the principle of equality as these requirements are not meant to professionals in other fields. So stay tuned to see where this goes.

Click this handy link to see what’s new in the revision  of the Decree-law nº 176/2006.



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