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March 31, 2013 | By Márcio Barra


As this blog hits its three month birthday, I thought it would be good to explain what is this blog all about, who I am (there’s always the about me link above), the workflow of the blog and some stats.

Pharmupdates curiously started as an idea that I had to share some of my work from the bachelor degree that I had lying around. It was mostly some articles on the number of clinical trials in Portugal, and a complete list of Portuguese clinical trial sponsors from the 2007-2011 periods. These works were never really used the way I had hoped they would be, and so they were left to gather dust in my computer.

During my Master’s classes, I had the pleasure to meet some amazing speakers from the industry, who weren’t shy to share their knowledge and have a good talk in the break. When it was question time, I usually had a question or two for the speaker, who would gladly answer.

Now, in one break, someone asked me: “what do I think of subject x”. This was extremely flattering to me, to think that someone already working, and with years of experience in the industry, would ask me, someone whose only experience comes from books and reading the news, my thoughts on a subject.

Then I started thinking, what if I had a website, or a blog, where I could share some works that I have done, news that I find important on the pharmaceutical industry, or even opinion pieces. Now, opinion pieces are still a ways off, as I don’t think that my current knowledge and experience can sustain a full-fledged opinion piece, save the “I don’t think that Portugal is making a good argument for pharmaceutical companies to invest here”. But I figured I could write about the other two.


And so Pharmupdates was created.


When I started writing for the blog, I noticed that there was a bit of lack of English written news about Portugal. I mean, if you are Portuguese and you want to know the latest local developments of the pharmaceutical industry, it’s easy, you just hit a Portuguese news website and start reading.

But what about foreign readers? If someone from Germany wants to know, for some reason, how are drugs priced in Portugal, what are the new reference countries for Portugal or information on clinical trials, well they are out of luck. So I made a focus to try and write about Portuguese news, instead of just focusing on international news or big pharma news.

As for the results, they are good I would say. This blog has given me a bit of visibility, just a bit though, People come in to this blog not through links, but by searching for a specific tag or subject. WordPress tools allows me to see how do people reach my blog, and it’s mostly through Google search. This leaves me happy, seeing that someone from another country has checked the website, and at bare minimum has read the title. From the specificity of the keywords, it’s safe to assume that they have also read the article, or just the bit they were interested in.

In total, I garnered 1200 views in these three months, with 700 visitors from many countries. For someone who is just starting, only writes a post per day (save a special occasion, like a trip) and usually tries to write it fast, say 30 minutes each day, I’m happy. The time I can spare for the blog may not seem much, but from the other work that I have, this is really what I can. I’m a Master’s student, first year, with a lot of ongoing projects at the moment, while also looking for a curricular internship. Time is a precious resource.

Speaking of curricular interships, say, If you like what you see here in this blog, and my linkedin profile, and wouldn’t mind having someone on your ranks that is very eager to learn and work, send me an e-mail requesting my CV, and I will be happy to send you!

Thanks for stopping by Pharmupdates! I have some original articles on the backburner, and the news section will continue to expand! Check checking for updates! Pharmupdates!

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