Drugs in Portugal now cheaper

April 1, 2013 | By Márcio Barra

Starting today, about 1.400 brand drugs (not generics) will be cheaper for the Portuguese population, under the annual price revision, with an expected average price drop of 7% this year. According to INFARMED this amounts to an average of 4,41 euros per drug.

Also today, an administrative 6% price cut measure for drugs sold in pharmacies from 2010 will end, so some confusion regarding prices will ensue in Portugal, at least until the current stocks who still under the old 6% discount run out.

The 7% price reduction was prompted by the change of reference countries for setting drug prices, from Spain, Italy and Slovakia to Spain, France and Slovakia, and by Troika’s memorandum with Portugal, which looks to decrease the public expenditure on medicines to 1% of the GDP.

With this, the Portuguese government hopes to save 85 million euros, with an expected 27 million euros savings by the users.

At the hospital level, the savings – which cover about 40 percent of medicines – should be in the order of 51 million euros. The majority of the drugs covered are oncology drugs and drugs for HIV/AIDS.

If you have been following this blog, the drug price debate has been a hot topic lately. Follow these links for more information:

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