Bayer Portugal entering a new era, with four new medicines hitting the national market

May 20, 2013 | By Márcio Barra

Diário Economico ran today an interview with the Managing Director of Bayer’s Portugal, Nelson Ambrogio, where Bayer’s growing national portfolio was highlighted as being responsible for bringing of a new era for the Portuguese subsidiary.

Bayer Portugal Managing Director, Nelson Ambrogio

Four new drugs were introduced in Portugal in 2012, one for macular degeneration, one for prostate cancer, another for colorectal cancer and lastly, one for preventing stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation. Besides these four new medicines, Bayer also launched two over the counter medicines in Portugal. These drugs, according to Nelson Ambrogio, were very important to sustain 2012’s results. “last year, Bayer Portugal had 158 million euros in profit, which represented a 5,4% decline compared to last year, but was not as large as in other companies, thanks to the new launches”.

“In terms of turnover we hope that these new releases can help us offset the sales declines we are having in other segments”, and that “in a way, you can see this as a new era for Bayer Portugal, since for some time we hadn’t had any new launches in the Portuguese Market, or only in the women’s health segment”, said the Managing director.

Speaking about the Portuguese hospitals debts to Bayer Portugal, no numbers were disclosed, although Nelson Ambrogio did state that “last year an effort was made by the government under the agreement undertook between APIFARMA and the Ministry of Health, in which the government compromised to pay an undisclosed percentage of the debt (in 2012)”. The value received to Bayer was “less than 50%”.

Bayer’s Managing Director also spoke of his distress over the sluggishness of the process for reimbursement approval, which in Portugal the average is “331 days, where in other countries the approval takes an average of 100 days”. Nelson Ambrogio pointed out that Bayer Portugal currently has two new drugs awaiting reimbursement approval, one for cardiology and another for ophthalmology, one of them waiting for more than one year.

For the rest of the interview, go pick up Diário Económico

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