PharmaPortugal, INFARMED and APIFARMA sign agreement to promote exportation of medicines

October 04 ,2013 | By Márcio Barra

INFARMED has announced that PharmaPortugal, a partnership between INFARMED, the Portuguese National Authority of Medicines, and APIFARMA, the Portuguese Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, signed an agreement to promote the exports and internationalization of Portugal based Pharmaceutical companies.

Under this protocol, PharmaPortugal and INFARMED are to combine efforts to increase the value of exports from Portugal, by working on the already existing markets while opening new ones, and promoting the Portuguese industry and the quality of its medicines in overseas markets. This protocol will last two years, during which pharmaceutical companies that partake in PharmaPortugal are to identify priority markets, encourage cooperation among themselves and contribute to the development of its products  through collaboration with external research entities and universities.

Moreover, under the protocol, INFARMED is to streamline and simplify the national procedures required for the exportation of medicines, including certificates of good manufacturing practices, manufacturing authorizations and certificates of medicines. The National Competent Authority is also committed to ease contact National Competent Authorities from other countries and provide technical assistance to PharmaPortugal Members.

PharmaPortugal –  Strategic Project Export and Internationalization of the Pharmaceutical Industry – was originally created in 2005 with the goal to promote and increase exports and to internationalise the Portuguese pharmaceutical industry, among others. This protocol renews the collaboration between its stakeholders. Currently, 11 companies are signed with PharmaPortugal: Atral , Azevedos , BASI , Bial , Bluepharma , Edol , Iberfar , Lusomedicamenta , Medinfar , Tecnifar and Tecnimede.

PharmaPortugal’s website

INFARMED press release

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