Monthly Archives: February 2016

By Márcio Barra

Over the years, I have created a multitude of documents to help me in my projects. I have thus decided to create a useful documents tab to go along with my articles on medicines tab, which is by far the most popular tab of Pharmupdates.

To quick start the tab, I have published both a Word template and an Endnote Style for anyone looking to submit articles to the British Medical Journal (BMJ). I will be updating the tab with new documents that I feel would be useful to someone.

British Medical Journal (BMJ) journal template and Endnote style

I created both a Word template which I used for the submission that has all the required fields for a Research Article (this includes systematic reviews as per the journal rules). I also created an Endnote style, since the link that the journal provides is broken, and the one provided in the Thomsom Reuters website is incomplete.

If you require assistance with the submission procedure (formatting, image creation, referencing) contact me.

For the BMJ Endnote style and template, send me an e-mail.